Web Printing

We specialise in high quality heatset commercial web offset printing. With our enormous capacity of web offset presses, we are able to deliver consistent, high-quality printing on a wide range of printed formats to accommodate our clients’ requirements for short, medium and long run production ranging in size from digest to multiple page broadsheets for short and long runs.
Automation adds to our pressroom strengths and we are able to produce the highest and most consistent print quality whilst improving turnaround times.

The plant boasts the latest pre-press technology with advanced computer-to-plate technology, including remote digital proofing and automated colour correction control. Technologically advanced web presses with a wide variety of formats afford clients a new and exciting range of options including gate-folds and roll-folds. The plant is able to generate 50 000 copies to over 3-million depending on clients requirements.

The Bindery is equipped with the latest technology to provide excellent finishing including; saddle stitching, perfect binding and special requests for inserts and onserts. The mailing system is able to polywrap and bag and address magazines ready for mailing.

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